By using INVOICE+our Client has access from anywhere to user-friendly and less resource consuming, cloud based management system which helps to oversee and manage whole operations more efficiently

INVOICE+makes the process of entering, processing and sharing the data smooth and seamless by adopting automation, which boost the productivity. Collected data from the field gets to the office in seconds.

INVOICE+ offers high levels of Accuracy, Assurance and Accountability and includes three main parts of business management:

  • HSE



Below are the top features that you can get your hands on with INVOICE+ and which are going to greatly alter the way you have been doing your Operation, Invoicing and HSE process:

INVOICE+ shares vendor data, codes and invoices with SAGE 50 and QuickBooks software
• System integration eliminates double entry and costly mistakes
• Import of initial details of projects to INVOICE+ (AFE, Job number, CC, etc.)
• Performs trip risk assessment of the upcoming journey
• Plotting the planned journey on map, included ETA and distance to travel
• Automatic alerts are sent in case of late arrivals
• GPS monitoring of the traveler
• Automated creation of Timesheets
• Easy creation of a Third party Timesheet
• Submit, Review and Approve Workflow
• Dispute of charges in Timesheet and Expense
• Attach pictures, and other documents to expense records

• New work orders generated automatically
• Easy input of client information
• Fast and Easy Scheduling of the Field personnel

• Automated process of Hazard Observation Card, Work permits, Safety Meetings, Safety Audits, etc
• Monitors the validity of safety training, licenses and certifications of personnel
• E-mail notification of pre-expired certificates
• List of required certification for every position involved in the project
• Feature rich Invoicing process included ability to edit processed invoices
• Third Party Invoicing
• Separated reports to WCB
• Prepare and email invoices and reports in both PDF and EXCEL formats with a click
• Resume Builder
• Quick search by Skills, Qualifications and Experience
• Availability for upcoming project
• Active/Inactive status of Personnel
• View and approve Timesheets
• Access, review or delete Timesheet and Expenses entries
• Manage journey status to/from jobsite
• Enter time and expenses from smartphone



INVOICE+ allows you to manage efficiently Safe Operations with Great Precision, Transparency and Accuracy.
INVOICE+ is maintaining greater control over projects and ensures that quality effort is put into the work, despite being on a distance from job site.
The key benefits of use of Invoice+

Invoice+ removes the gap between field and office, which makes entire process more efficient and more productive
Invoice+ is compatible with QB, SAGE 50 which eliminates double entry and costly mistakes
With INVOICE+, you can easily invoice clients from your desk or on the go, no missed invoices. Total we’ll have 8 features and 8 benefits.
Automate process of Invoice+ makes the operation much more efficient, overheads cost show a significant reduction.
Invoice+ allows to you to have a full control of the operation from anywhere
INVOICE+ improves safety awareness and ensures on-site implementation of safety regulations.
Invoice+speeds up the whole process of Invoicing, processing HSE documents without compromising on accuracy
• Convert existing paperwork to an electronic form without changing the field proven methods and information built over the years.
• Easy access to all current ongoing jobs, all invoices, attachments, all customer information and all reports



Simplify your bookkeeping tasks and turn hours of work into minutes with INVOICE+



Recent Work

Easy and intuitive self-customization features increase efficiency and eliminate extra set up costs

Recent Work

User friendly process of creating trip and Journey Management Planner helps to increase awareness of the upcoming trip and enhances safety

Recent Work

Validation tool helps to monitor compliance of Subcontractor / Consultant with industry regulations

Recent Work

User friendly process of creating and filling timesheets, with color coded features to significantly minimize time spent on paperwork

Recent Work

Straight forward integration with accounting software QB and SAGE 50

Recent Work

invoice is already prepared; office can simply edit it prior to sending it to client

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